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Thomas Thwaites – CRAZY WORKSHOPS

1 febrero 2017 - 10:00 / 3 febrero 2017 - 16:30


Hello, my name is Thomas Thwaites, and I am honoured to have been asked to propose a workshop at Alicante University. I ended up proposing a few different ideas; things that I think might be interesting, things that I’m working on myself. But instead of choosing just one of them and doing that, we’re going to throw caution to the wind, and do three! Thus, here is the ALICANTE TRIPLE: 3 workshops over 3 days.


Workshop 1. Childish Systems Thinking

Can you remember that ‘thing’ that you thought would be so cool to do when you were about seven years old? Was it impossible and hopelessly ambitious. Let us undertake it, with the maturity, seriousness and intelligence of adulthood. Your dream can be achieved! Or if not, the failed attempt is equally worthwhile.


Workshop 2. La ligne de production exquise (The exquisite production line)

A production line consists of many people, each performing a single operation in a sequence in the production of one type of object, as it is passed down the line. Our Exquisite Production Line will operate on similar principles, except the operations will be chosen by each worker, without reference to the operations before or after in the sequence, and the resulting objects… well who knows?


Workshop 3. The Game of Work

Students of Alicante! I need some help. I’m doing some work about work. It’s for the St Etienne Design Biennale in March. I want to design and make a game about work, microeconomics and macroeconomics… but I’m struggling. Do you want to help?


1 febrero 2017 - 10:00
3 febrero 2017 - 16:30
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